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Kirin 01 - portrait

Now it's Disney who wants to get greedy.

Remember all that crap I griped about a couple of months ago when Food Channel and HGTV were pulled from Cablevision?

Well Disney is sticking it to us now. As of midnight this morning, they have pulled ABC off the air at Cablevision.

Disney is looking for an additional $40 million in retransmission fees in addition to the $200 million they get now.

*SIGH* Why is it the customer who ends up suffering?


Sounds like what happened with Sky when they did it with cable here in this country. That's after they bitched and moaned for cabled owned channels to be made cheaper for them to buy so it be on Sat.

Anyways, Disney is Disney, I can't be bothered to buy their blurays to be honest. Not when they're like £10-15 more than other blurays. :p
That is so weird...ABC is a broadcast network!
The best thing I ever did was turning cable off. No more money going to these companies.

The day enough people say "enough" and disconnect, that will be the day they think of customers. It's weird that in a recession, movies and TV companies all made money at the same growth rate as before.

While I can see points on both side of the argument what really bothers me most is that this all boils down to simple greed. That is the same thing that sank the housing market, caused banks to fail and got us into this wonderful recession. Some people out there just can't see past their noses (or is that their profit statement) to see how much harm they are doing to both people and to the country. Someone needs a good wake up call but I'm not sure how that's going to happen.
Happy Birthday. :)