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Kirin 01 - portrait

Dog Pee Smell

Early in her stay with us my brother's dog peed in a couple of places on the living room carpet.

We've tried spot foaming spray, Arm & Hammer Pet Deodorizer Spray, White Vinegar and Water, Oxy Clean Pet Carpet Shampoo in a home steam-vac, White Vinegar and Water in a home steam-vac, Arm & Hammer Pet Deodorizer Spray UNDER the carpet.

We can still smell the stink.

Anyone have any ideas before we call in professionals?


Open up the windows, let the room air clear out. You might have killed the stains dead but the odor can hang in the air for dayyyyyys unless thoroughly aired out.
I use a product that kills the odor and work on the stain.
Nature's Miracle
Eight in one pet products
United pet group inc
Cincinnati Ohio 45230
Just make sure it is full concentration and soaks into the padding.
Seconded! It's amazing stuff!
Yup, this is what I use also. It works well.
We also use the enzyme pet product, called "Nature's Miracle" - and it does work.
Also have been using one called "PetZyme Stain & Odor Remover" - which is very similar.
For me, called in someone to clean it after my dog did it years back when he was slightly ill. That and the patch was just too big to clean up easily being a big golden retriever...

See if opening windows and allowing the air to be recycled with fresh air as well as erm. Don't know if you get Neutradol air spray or vacum carpet freshner you sprinkler on, leave for 10 mins and then hoover up.

Belated PETCO employee recommendation...

Nature's Miracle. The stuff is a little pricey, but it works -- at least on odors. There have been some stains it hasn't worked on. If that's the case for you, Woolite makes an oxy pet stain remover that works like a charm.