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The olde days

When I first used a computer in 1970 (10th grade) this is what we had as a terminal.


I still have some of my program tapes somewhere ...


I still want a DecWriter III for my garage. When I was a young mump, the sight of a LA120 giving output and a user then feeding data back on the same "printer" thrilled me no end.
Yup, I remember working on one of those. And yes, I too have some tapes laying around.
I used one of those in college to punch tape for a CNC milling machine. We had an Index mill with a Slo-Syn CNC box on it. Looked something like this:


Damned museum piece now.
I found out from Brian, my friend since the 5th grade, that the computer we used was a Data General NOVA 1200.

This is what we were using when I was in grade 10.


Twice a week a pair of students would get assigned to take a taxi up to the university to run the whole class's stack of cards through their bulk card terminal and then return with the printouts.
That web site is a MARCH member: the NJ computer museum! I used TTYs at high school and college, still have a cigar box of BASIC programs on paper tape.