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It's an unassuming number, digits in order and all that.

On an older car you would see it at 23,456.7 miles and probably not again as you'd have to go another 100,000 miles for the mechanical odometer to reset.

On a new car with a digital odometer, it represents 234,567 miles - a number that most people will not see even once.

This afternoon I saw 234,567 on my Passat's odometer.

It's taken me just over 10.5 years to see it.

I still love the car.


I told Painless that, he says he remembers that car when it was new :P
Time marches on. My truck has 280k and change, although I drive may 50 a month with that, no a/c on the truck anymore. The thing will not die.
Good cars are a real blessing. It is a sweet vehicle. Just wish they'd been a bit lower priced when I was looking. Even if they last 10 years I'm still a bit shy of putting that much money into a car.