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*Sigh* I know it's going to be expen$ive ...

Well, the car should be ready tomorrow, and as I said I have a feeling it's going to be expen$ive.

The shop started diagnosing the problem and they went for an "electrical fault" first. 2+ hours at $85 per.
Plus whatever electrical parts have been found "defective". When I called back tonight to find out when the car will be ready (mid-day tomorrow) they said "it's a combination of electrical and fluid problems". This, to me, means they found low fluid (like I asked them to see to) AFTER they spent the time and effort ripping apart the glovebox area to play with the transmission computer and replacing probably good parts.

Of course I can't prove any of this, but it's my gut feeling. I know replacing the transmission fluid and filter is at least $250 and there's the $170 at least in additional time. I'm probably looking at $600 plus. Another expense I don't need and can't really afford. But the car has been pretty good overall for 112,000 miles, so I can't really complain.

It's just frustrating ...

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