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Kirin 01 - portrait

A Mystery Car

I visited a local model railroad club this past Friday and in the fenced in section of the basement next to the club were several older automobiles.
This one was next to the fence, but I can't figure out what it is.

The hood ornament looks a bit like an Indian head - maybe Pontiac? Or it maybe maybe a Dodge.

Here's one picture:

Mystery Car

There are nine pictures in total here:


They were taken with a BlackBerry cell phone camera which only has an LED flash, so there's not much light.


Without seeing the grille it's hard to say, but I'm guessing a Pontiac. Also, I'm guessing it's an old ambulance, or a hearse, judging by the body-length and the rear door. Interesting find!
Ambulance or Hearse were my first thoughts also, but the color is wrong and there's no indication of lights, sirens or markings.

Sorry I couldn't get the grille, but the lighting and angle were way off to do so.
Neither. Cars of that era had those kinds of doors. Probably one of the luxury/limousine models.
Nice car. Just a wild guess here: 1939 Packard army ambulance?
This is my guess too.

What a forgotten treasure this car is. What a waste its sitting there gathering dust and rust. It would certainly make alot of people happy to see it restored and shown.
This is a 1939 or 1937 Packard ambulance in a junkyard I worked in in the 80's
The only thing for certain is the vehicle did not leave the original production line looking that way. It has been heavily stretched.

I am going by the side vents on the hood, the oval rear view mirror, the shape of the front door vent window and tail light and I think what you have there is a 36-37-38 Packard Henney Hearse.

The lines certainly seem a perfect match.

I know little of American cars, but some google image searches did suggest something by Packard. The lines seemed to match their style.
Whatever it is, it's in excellent condition, all things considered? That's a TREASURE right there, it is!
I think Pontiac had an Indian head hood ornament from the very early thirties, right up to the fifties, I believe. if i get a chance, I'll hit the downtown branch of my local library and get a book that covers GM from the turn of the century to the early 90s.
OH WOW,,,, Great find. This is the stuff dreams are made of.
Last time I saw a car like that there was a Thompson sub-gun sticking out of
the window.

OK, a quick run through iPhoto and a change of exposure worked wonders.
Photo 1:


Photo2 close up:

Photo 2 and the close up positively identify this as a Packard. One can see the distinct Packard shape of the trim above the hood vents. You can also just make out the Packard hexagon on the hubcap.
The side vents identify this as a '36 or '37 Packard as the '38 and '39 side vents were closer to the top of the hood.

Here is a '37 Packard:

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LOL Hubby is wondering if it would be possible to locate the owner and find out about the car and if he'd sell it.