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Kirin 01 - portrait

A Mystery Car

I visited a local model railroad club this past Friday and in the fenced in section of the basement next to the club were several older automobiles.
This one was next to the fence, but I can't figure out what it is.

The hood ornament looks a bit like an Indian head - maybe Pontiac? Or it maybe maybe a Dodge.

Here's one picture:

Mystery Car

There are nine pictures in total here:


They were taken with a BlackBerry cell phone camera which only has an LED flash, so there's not much light.


OK, a quick run through iPhoto and a change of exposure worked wonders.
Photo 1:


Photo2 close up:

Photo 2 and the close up positively identify this as a Packard. One can see the distinct Packard shape of the trim above the hood vents. You can also just make out the Packard hexagon on the hubcap.
The side vents identify this as a '36 or '37 Packard as the '38 and '39 side vents were closer to the top of the hood.

Here is a '37 Packard:

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