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A WoW heads up ...

For those who play World of Warcraft, the latest update is 3.97 gigabytes.

It takes a while to download ...


And people wonder why I don't play WoW.
Even with downloads this big, it's worth it because it's so damn fun. Don't knock it until you've tried it :) Only reason it's so big is that they're changing most of the rules we're used to for the new expansion, Cataclysm.
When a 36mb Steam update takes 13 hours... pass.
Ugh, that must suck....
They're not usually this big, there's absolutely big changes coming and I think this size they're preparing everyone by giving the foundation for the new system when Cata comes out.
You know you play it too. *snicker*
3.97 GIG for an UPDATE?!

Ooookay. Any interest I had in playing is gone now.
Oh, wait until Cataclysm finally hits. The downloads for THAT are suuuuuuure to be fun.

It's not really an "update", it's more of an "add on". Patches to fix bugs and stuff are far far far smaller and usually unnoticed.
Actually it looks like the start of the re-write for Cataclysm.
It's probably graphics, textures, sounds and other things that aren't likely to change by the time Cataclysm goes gold.
It's not like a Steam update, where you have to sit and watch a progress bar before you can play; Blizzard distributes these things over P2P torrents that run in the background.

Youtube ran a little slow, but otherwise it didn't have a noticeable impact on my bandwidth while it was downloading.
Well there goes a few evening of on line time. Considering I've currently got 3 machines to update, one of which I'm not sure is even current to the last update. Still I'll do it as I'm far from done playing this. I really need to press on to 80 for a couple of my characters. Just I'm not in the mind set and a bit busy at the moment.
Okay, download it on one computer.... Then you can copy the file from one computer on say a USB/Firewire external HDD and put it in the same place on the other 2 computers. It won't start downloading then, saves time.

I do that with my friend I share this place with. Saves on the download cap we have each month. Both doing this would have to use up 8-9gb here.
Works only if you know all computers are at the same level/version. In my case I'm not sure they are so all need to be upgraded manually. Really won't be that bad if I do an over night download on each.
True, I noticed also today there was a 10mb update as well after the 4.5gb one which has changed the Fall of the Lich King video but in a way it hasn't.

Definately more updates to come I fear. Which I hate as well, need to have loads more languages in them for rest of Europe. :)
Thanks for the heads up.
OK, the download is only for the first two sections. It does not install. There's more to come.

Since the next expansion of the game totally trashes and remakes the existing world and adds two new races, I can see why this is a large download. It's almost a complete rewrite of the game. New players will have a better chance as they would only get the newest version, not all the previous ones.
It takes the software from 3.3.5 (or whatever) to 4.0.0 so it's a major step.

I downloaded it (overnight +) onto my PC and then transferred the files to my laptop (about an hour).

I don't know when the next section(s) will hit.
PTR is up to 4.0.3 which still isn't Catalysm yet.

That I think is another version altogether on the beta ptr server. It's just putting down pre-cata stuff, new race/class combinations, some more pre-events before Cata hit and of course some stuff after Cata gets released so there's not that much to download on day one.

Of course there won't be that much if and when we buy the dvd-rom on the night either but then again it be just madly insane and busy on first night it hits anyways. Was for WOLK launch night, was full of bugs still as well.
And for us it's 4.5gb in size and it's part 2 of what I don't know.. x.x
I've downloaded larger files, easy legally, and I recommenced simply starting large downloads before going to bed. :)

One day I'll play WoW, when I can spare the cash. For now I'll just play Perfect World once in a while.

That didn't go well

As I was going to do some writing tonight I though I'd just have WoW update running in the background. Started download and was told insufficient space. I look sure enough I'm down to 4 GB. So I move all their previous updates but the system still isn't allowing the download even after restart. So now I have to move a sizable data file to a different drive. As I started it the count ran up to 220 minutes and then blanked. So to be able to do the download/upgrade I'll have to wait 4 or more hours for this to finish and try again. The real bummer is that the file transfer is sucking up so much system resources I can't do anything else as the system pauses (to take a deep breath I guess) every few minutes and all programs are unresponsive. The up side is that I should have a good bit of free disk space when it's all done and be able to do the download next time I have time to do so.