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Kirin 01 - portrait

Meh ...

Got gas today at one of the "cheap" stations - $3.559 for 87 octane REGULAR.

They say Long Island has the highest prices in the US right now ...


You need to use Gasbuddy.com

Click on the Gas Price Temperature Map, then focus in on your area.

Just so you know, it might be worthwhile-at this point-to purchase 5 or more 5-gallon cans, then make a special trip to New Jersey?

Jersey Oil (BBM Auto Center)
361 S Broad St
Grove St
Elizabeth, NJ, 07202

$2.75 / gallon, for 15 gallons on your car. That's a savings of $12.60, which makes up for the tolls. Now throw in 5 cans for 25 gallons: $33.60 in savings.

Just make sure that...

1. You take the cans OUT of your car and fill them up while they are on the ground.
2. Make sure you squeeze as much air from the can before tightening the top.
3. Lay garbage bags on the floor, then a towel on top of those.
4. Don't turn on the heat in the car. Keep the fuel cool, so it doesn't give off fumes.
5. KEEP IT COVERED! If they see you bringing a bunch of fuel cans over the bridge, they'll flip their shit. Not because of terrorism, but taxes.

Edited at 2010-12-14 07:21 am (UTC)

Still remember one bus company two and a half years ago throwing a fit because of a water based paint can was brought onto the bus, stating that it was all flammable and...

Poor bloke had to leave the bus after being threatened with law, etc.
Regular Unleaded in Calgary, Alberta, Canada is at 96.9 a liter.
1 gallon of gas = 3.78541178 liters.

That's about $3.68 a gallon here.
Ugh, can't remember how much petrol is around here at the moment, seems to be higher with the $ to £ conversion and then the added VAT, taxes and of course the so called. "Import to an island tax."

About 17.85 cents a litre. (118.9 pence per litre unleaded.)

Actually unsure if that does make it dearer or cheaper here than over there. Mind you the prices haven't been updated in a while so...