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Stranded! For the very first time.

Well, after 11 Years, 51 weeks and almost 238,000 miles my Passat stranded me for the first time today.

I was in a parking lot close to home doing the "wait for a space" thing when the car just stopped running.

It's definitely a fuel issue, the motor cranks fine and all the electrical "stuff" works.

Hopefully it's a simple thing like a clogged filter and not a pump failure or worse.

Meanwhile the flatbed tow will be at least $125 and the rental (a Chevy HHR - not too bad, but VERY "American") will be about $42 per day ($35 plus 19.625%tax(!)).

Sometimes ya just can't win.


Have the fuel pump checked. Especially if you run the car right dry.
Well it hasn't gotten much below half a tank for a while as that's about when I'm usually passing the gas station I frequent. The last tank was at a different station, and I only put about 30 miles on the car before it died. It could be the gas ... if so, Shell will be getting the repair, towing and rental bills.

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Hmm, wonder if it was wrong oil put into wrong tank within said gas station. I know, I know but I have seen that happen before where it's killed a fair few cars before the petrol station actually caught on.

If so that be an expensive repair for them as it probably means a whole new engine replace. XD
Well, if it's gas related I will certainly have them pay.

I'll have the info later on today when the local guys look at the car.
We use HHRs as our company vehicles, I kinda getting to like them.
I haven't driven it much, but I did find the driver's seat controls last night and now it's tweaked nicely. I'm doing errands this morning and will have a chance to put a few miles on it.

The only thing I have not gotten used to yet is the small windows and thick pillars. My Passat has a very open greenhouse.
After driving the HHR for a couple of hours on errands this morning, it's "OK" but nothing special.
Nicely comfortable, has a decent stereo, enough power (but not a lot).
I kinda like the retro styling, but as I said before - with the small windows and thick pillars it's like driving a tunnel.

Edited at 2010-12-17 11:23 pm (UTC)
Well I wouldn't get one as a personal vehicle, but as far as running errands at work in the City, the HHRs sure beat any of the minivans we were used to!

It's Baaack! .... and it was the Fuel pump.

Mileage 237925


Gas Filter $29.00; Fuel pump Assembly $539.51

Charge Battery $20.00; Check Battery System $29.00; Fuel pump installation $320.00

Tax: $97.30
Towing: $130.00
Rental: $75.36
Grand Total: $1300.17

Well, it was another part that just wore out.

Edited at 2010-12-18 02:35 pm (UTC)

Re: It's Baaack! .... and it was the Fuel pump.

Ow! on the price, but it's a relief to hear you have a definite cause.

I don't recall my Mercury Sable ever stranding me in the 16-17 yrs I had it, but it was critically injured on the way home from LK (lost all coolant on NJ Turnpike traffic jam, head gasket ruined).

My first war was jinxed: died 3x on the BQE (elevated highyway with NO shoulders)
  1. anti theft device shorted out, killing the ignition
  2. radiator fan relay got too dirty to turn on fan, so it overheated when stuck in traffic
  3. main serpentine belt caught fire when replacement air conditioner compressor seized