Smrgol (smrgol_t_kirin) wrote,

Stranded! For the very first time.

Well, after 11 Years, 51 weeks and almost 238,000 miles my Passat stranded me for the first time today.

I was in a parking lot close to home doing the "wait for a space" thing when the car just stopped running.

It's definitely a fuel issue, the motor cranks fine and all the electrical "stuff" works.

Hopefully it's a simple thing like a clogged filter and not a pump failure or worse.

Meanwhile the flatbed tow will be at least $125 and the rental (a Chevy HHR - not too bad, but VERY "American") will be about $42 per day ($35 plus 19.625%tax(!)).

Sometimes ya just can't win.
Tags: vw breakdown

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