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Now all I need is a hamster suit ...

Well, the Passat went in for its 240,000 mile service today. They're keeping it overnight as I want them to at least trace down the oil that goes missing as I drive. ( A friend who is a Volvo mechanic suggested that they check out the turbocharger, as the bearings could be leaking.)

My rental car this time is a Kia SOUL. It's a car that I have wanted to try. It's comfortable, visibility is OK, large rear pillars but you can compensate for the blind spots with mirror adjustments. The sound system is moderately good, but not spectacular. The performance is surprising.
Good pickup, good braking. It's probably got the 2.0 Liter engine, there's no indication anywhere that I have found. I could live with one of these if it were fitted out correctly.

Now all I need is the hamster suit ...


One of the few songs I had to get after seeing that commercial was fort knox.

Slow oil leaks suck don't they? Have one in the escape, but can't pin it down either. Although I suspect a shim warps somewhere on the engine once she warms up.

Somehow I just don't see you in a hamster suit. I hope they can find the leak and that the fix is not overly expensive. If the SOUL were not as boxy I might have looked at it when I went for a new car. It is a shame that Detroit has come out with a few new models that might have worked for me but they weren't there when I needed to buy so for now the Honda Fit continues to be the right vehicle for me. With gas at $4 32-37 mpg is very nice.
Seeing what your line of work is I would think it Fit that you convert to a Soul>
Don't you dare buy another car at this time! :=3

Walthers is shipping me a H-O scale blue Passat wagon. :=3

All I need now is a photo of your tag. :=3