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VW Service - 240,068 miles

High, but not as bad as I thought ...

"D" Level Service - Air Filter, Pollen Filter, Oil Change, Plugs, Check Codes, etc ...
Parts $186.51, Labor $340.00 = $526.31

4 Wheel Alignment - $99.95

Replace broken Dipstick (handle broke) - $19.80

At my request they hunted for signs of where the oil is going - the turbo output pipe shows signs of oil, so as we supposed it is most likely the turbocharger that is causing the oil consumption. For now I'll just have to watch the oil level carefully.

Total Parts - $206.31; Total Labor $439.95; Sales Tax (8.625%) $55.74 = Total $702.00

Rental - $109.08

Grand Total = $811.08


Expensive though less so them some repairs/service. Still it beats monthly car payments.
(Insert dipstick joke here.)