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Kirin 01 - portrait

Somedays it don't pay to chew through the straps.

(click for large pictures)

Based on the way the car behaved, it's most likely
the transmission pan that was punctured.
It happened on the way to work today.

And this is on top of my "Birthday Gift" from a delivery truck on March 6th.


Man, I am sorry this happened, Smrgol!

Wish I had anything to say that would help.



You just hang in there and don't spend energy worrying about me.
I'll get through this OK. I won't get upset unless someone says "We won't pay for that". *Grin*


That Sucks :(

I hope it doesn't cost you too much to fix. The condition of that road in those pictures reminds of a road downtown here, known as First Avenue South, a road so treacherous that I'm afraid I'm going to damage my 4x4 going over it.
If either of these costs me aything at all (except maybe some time and a couple of stamps) I will get very angry. In both cases there was nothing I did to cause the damage, and the people who did will make it right. At today's incident, I met the Project Manager, who gave me his card. He called later in the day to see if I had gotten word on the repair costs, so I think that it'll go well.

Meanwhile, all the rental company had available was a Buick LeSabre Custom *URP!*
Well, that's good to hear, I hope they actually follow through on covering the repair costs for you.
*snugs* I'm sorry Smorgl! There must be something in the air this month that is causing weird accidents. My husband got rear ended by a cop last week, and this weekend my assistant got rear ended by a fire truck!
Eeeeep. You're not having good luck here are you.

Still remember that car though :D
Yikes! Gosh, I hope they're able to repair the car quickly and and for there not to be any further, er, "scrapes" to your car.
Hmm, I thought Kirins were suppose to be lucky.

Really sorry you've had such a bad run of luck with the car of late. Hopefully it will all come to an end and you'll have clear sailing for the summer travel ahead. If you need a place to decompress or blow off some steam you know where to come.