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Kirin 01 - portrait

Dear Fox News,

So far, no news about foxes.
What gives?



Sounds like it's time to send out the hounds.
*snickersnort* XD
Heh. :)

We get that over here, the US feed as well but apparantely Fox doesn't want the sister news channel Sky News on any US system whatsoever. Same sort of channel but it's more impartial than what Fox News is.

Then again in the 80's Sky Channel (now known as Sky1 had a FOX sort of channel schedule over here.) We even had DJ Kat show for a while.
Well it's like seeing Eyewitness News, I don't EVER see the camera take a statement from an eye. Not to mention the Weather Report, clouds? Talking about clouds? Lies! LIES and TRICKERY! This is false advertising!
What about Fox Sports?

Fox Business?

Fox Movie Channel?

And they also used to have Fox Family?

(Only thing missing now is Fox S*x)

Also some years ago, I was making my annual appearance in the Easter Parade, on that occaision with Thaddeus Fox. A reporter from FOX5 here in New York called him a wolf!

So maybe they couldn't tell a fox even if they saw one?