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Computer woes ...

The machine is a 3 year old Gateway FX 6800 series with a quad processor and 9 gig of RAM. The power supply was upgraded to a 650 Watt unit about 18 months or so back. It's running Windows 7 Pro, 64 bit edition. The main drive is a 750 gig SATA Seagate - original to the PC. It appears to be good.

I had thought it was the graphics card, so that has been replaced (today) and Micro Center suggested re-pasting the CPU cooling tower which I have also done.

Now it's barely getting into Windows before the shutdown occurs. I have not even been able to fully set up the graphics card yet. I let it go through the start up repair routine a couple of times. If it doesn't reboot before it's finished, it says there are no problems that it could find. The one time I got to the RAM test it finished about 80% of the full test (halfway thruough the second RAM pass) and restarted.

Any suggestions? Another Power Supply perhaps?

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