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Bye Bye Shell

For quite a while the Shell Gasoline card had a pretty good plan.

5% off every gallon of gas charged to the card plus 1% for any other purchases.

This brought the average $3.999 price for regular around here down to a slightly more reasonable $3.799


As of this month the policy has changed - 10¢ per gallon

But only if you charge more that $500 on the card during the billing cycle.
And the discount applies only to the first 100 gallons (which limits the total discount to $10.00)


I am no longer a Shell loyal customer and will get gas wherever it is least expensive.

Bye Bye Shell.


I have a BP card that gives 5% on BP gas but it is thru CHASE and they tried to rip me off, so good luck!
Jesus, you ARE loyal! Shell is THE most expensive out there!

I still say you should go on a gas run to NJ. If you do it with 10, 5-gallon cans, it would come out very cheap.
When I was commuting to CT I had several stations that were average for the area or even on the low side.
With the 5% savings it was worth it to stick with Shell.

If I went to NJ I would always fill up, and usually with the least expensive gas I could get.

The average here on Lon Gisland is still right sround $4.00 per gallon.

Don't forget a NJ run has almost $20 in tolls for the round trip.
Kinda negates the savings on the gas, eh?
That's CRAPPY. Thanks for letting us know! Out here, it was a kind of good plan, because not only do you get the 5% off, but they have a deal with grocery stores Fred Meyer and QFC to give another 10¢ off per gallon. so at $4 gallon, that's 30¢ off per gallon. I liked shell in the truck, going over the mountains, as the engine seemed to not ping and knock as much going up inclines, but... Poo on you Shell.... POO on yoooou!