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Kirin 01 - portrait

It's Baaack!

I got the car back last night. It is working well (as it should be!)

As you can see, the parts took a beating!

This is the shield and its brace ...

and the transmission pan - the hole is on the right corner (in the yellow highlight)

As for the tail light, it was not the PC Richards truck after all, so I'm out $500 for the deductible on that damage.



Dear God! That is some NASTY damage! Glad you got it fixed, but what was it that caused this again?
It was caused by a loose construction plate - see the pictures from the April 12th entry.
Glad you have it back now.. will keep the paws crossed for NO more incidents.

Good to hear you have it back in operation again. Now let's just hope you've gotten the bad luck with the car out of the way for the year.


Glad the damage has been repaired and hope there will be no further "run-ins" with steel plates or delivery trucks.