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Kirin 01 - portrait

Shaken, not stirred

Well we just felt the earthquake that hit down in Virginia.
We had about 30 seconds of mild movement. Weird.

I hope y'all down south are OK!


The crust is moving around like a pizza pie apparently today.
Eeep, just saw on bbc news website. Hope those I know who live on east coast are fine...
good to know you are okay.
We had a 5.9 down in Trinidad, CO. this morning too!
All's well over in this neck of the woods, anyway :) -Frisk
My neighbor thought I dropped something in my house. I said I'm not THAT fat!

Odd sensation. As I sat at my computer I heard my house creaking as a brick/concrete structure would so I looked out the window and noticed the wind blowing and thougt it was a strong breeze making the awning creak. Then I felt a disorientation and realized my body was wobbling ever so subtly. Tha's when I realized what was really happening. Even Rita my cat had waken and came down stairs then went back to bed.

Everyone in my neighborhood is excited as, one by one, we popped our heads out saying "Did you feel something?!" I wonder how we would react if this was a real quake? Really, we wobbled! It's almost hilarious watching the tv news as they try to make it sound worst than it was. Oh well, something to tell your grandkids.

Back to watching 2012....
Felt it up here as well. Nothing in the way of damage and thanks to checking USGS site I knew within minutes what had happen. New reports seem to indicate damage was minimal. Still waiting to hear from a few friend down in the area.