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Kirin 01 - portrait

Shutting Down

Just in case we lose power.

So far, not too bad, but the main hurricane has not hit here yet.
The wind is just starting to pick up.

Hopefully all will be good in the morning.

PSPs, Nintendos, Laptop, Web book, camera, video, cell phone etc. are all charged.


I hope you will be okay.
Storm is here but still strengthening. Neighboring towns are starting to flood. Schoharie is starting to go underwater now from flooding. Power is holding but we've had a few fluctuations.

And we are back ...

Minor power glitch at about 0430, but no loss other than that.

A bit of water in the basement, no damage.

Outside lots of pinecones and small branches, but nothing major.

For us, not much of a storm.