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Kirin 01 - portrait

It's 10:30 PM - Do you know where your power is?

Still no power Monday 10:30 PM There's no estimate as to when we will get it back.
A few houses nearby which are on a different feed have got power.

I'm sitting in my car about a quarter mile from home on the main street of town near the station. Why? 'Cause my netbook is charged and my ISP has public wifi in the area for their subscribers.

You don't realize how much you depend on electricity until you loose it.


When most of Elizabeth NJ lost power when a substation was knocked out by construction, somehow a few stores still had power. I'm unsure how since I don't know the power grid details. I gotta wonder how those solar panels on all the utility poles figure into it.
Well I hope they get you powered up soon. There's still a lot of folks up in our area without power as well so, while it's little comfort, you are not alone.

I know. Just 1 of 345,000 here on Long Island.
Plus NJ, CT, VT and points south of here.

So it goes ...
A transformer blew up here in Albany (fire truck and everything), stranding half a block without power. My phone runs through my modem, so if it goes, they both go.

We're very very very very low priority since we're such a tiny pocket (only three buildings). Every time I call the power company for updates I get the sense they're writing us off, or that they think nothing is wrong and that "all places report normal" when one transformer certainly is NOT normal and (according to me) is sending back false signals saying everything's ok. They're saying September 1, but I don't buy it for a minute.
my power was out 3-4 days after hurricane Jeanne.