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VW Service

245,333 Just an oil change this time.
I'll have to wait until finances are better to repair the wonky driver's door lock.

This time I'm using my iPod touch to post.

There's a new New Beetle parked in the waiting area, it looks good in person.

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EDIT: Total cost: Parts $55.66 + Labor $19.29 + $6.46 (8.625% Sales Tax) = $81.41



Even with the key in the ignition (and that's NOT supposed to happen!).

Then, if you do not unlock the car with the remote first, the alarm will go off when you open the door from the inside.

If I had a good place to work and if it were warmer, it's only an hour or two to get the door apart and the lock activator module out, and according to the forums, it may only be a couple of broken solder traces. Of course if it ISN'T then I'd be stuck.

Edited at 2011-12-05 08:13 pm (UTC)