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PC Problems - Help needed!

My PC, a Gateway FX6800 series quad four processor runnning Windows 7 Professional 64 bit, has slowed down to a crawl.

I'm talking half hour plus boot times and several minute browser page openings or program starts.
And stuff hangs for minutes once you are running it.

Every now and then it'll act "normal" but it's at the point of being almost useless otherwise.

Any suggestions?


1. Back up data you need to back up onto an external HDD.

2. Format HDD

3. Do a clean reinstall of Windows again.

Even Windows 7 needs that from time to time. I'm considering doing mine as well at somepoint as mine has got to some issues as well.

How long has it been since original install? cmd, systeminfo should tell you that.
Start off a little less extreme first, run a scan disk and a defrag on the system, see if that improves your performance first. It sounds as though it's just not been cleaned out recently at all. If that doesn't help, check for a virus or malware and if THAT doesn't do anything then backup and reinstall windows like the otter says.
Well, I assumed that Smrgol knew how to do that thing anyway recently. But even though Microsoft has made some leeway in this, windows can still get bloated with bits left here and there with software that leaves behind stuff whenever things are uninstalled.

Then again windows is over bloated anyways these days.
look at your c:windows\temp folder. If the temp folders and the internet temp folders don't get emptied now and then, they fill with a million files. And windows trying to keep them all tracked and organized in one folder turns the computer into a total snail.