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What is with the US Mail?

In the past couple of months I've had packages take several weeks to get to me instead of the normal 10 days or so. I've had two shipments lost in the mail and it does not look promising for the GPS case that Camestone mailed back to me either.

Another grumble - I ordered a PC game from Amazon who passed the order on to a mail order company.
The order was recievced as the X-Box version, so that's what they shipped. I have a return number but, I HAVE TO PAY THE POSTAGE FOR THEIR MISTAKE!
(If anyone is looking for an X-Box version of TOCA Race Driver 2 get in touch asap - $33 shipped!)


Case solved...

As Camstone was getting ready to leave for his trip on Saturday, he left the GPS case with me to mail to you. I'm looking for an appropriate envelope, and am hoping to have it in the mail today. That is, unless you prefer me to send it another way. Apologies for the confusion about the case.

Re: Case solved...

It should survive in any reinforced envelope.
It isn't breakable after all.

I had understood that he had already mailed it.
There's no real rush, I just didn't want it to get lost.

Re: Case solved...

Actually if you, Cam or both are going to be at the Cape May Meet, I can pick it up then.

Re: Case solved...

I spoke with Cam late this afternoon, and mentioned your suggestion about Cape May. He asked that I go ahead and send it. So on errands tomorrow I will stop by the Post Office and mail it to you. Would you like me to put a tracking number on it, just to be safe?

Re: Case solved...

Nah, just send it.

Thanks! *HUGS*