Smrgol (smrgol_t_kirin) wrote,

2:30 - Call the Dentist!

Well, a bit earlier actually.

I have (or now, had) a broken wisdom tooth that's been bothering me for over a week.
It actually broke over a year ago, but has pretty much been OK.

Today it got to the point where, after several days of pain, I called my dentist.
As I have no dental insurance, I was a bit reluctant to make the call.

The appoint was made for 5:00 PM, and I was out, minus one tooth (right side lower) by 5:15.
Quick, easy and relatively painless.

So my wisdom is down by 25%, but I am much more comfortable tonight.

I'm in a bit of pain at the "wound" site, but THIS pain will go away soon.

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