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2:30 - Call the Dentist!

Well, a bit earlier actually.

I have (or now, had) a broken wisdom tooth that's been bothering me for over a week.
It actually broke over a year ago, but has pretty much been OK.

Today it got to the point where, after several days of pain, I called my dentist.
As I have no dental insurance, I was a bit reluctant to make the call.

The appoint was made for 5:00 PM, and I was out, minus one tooth (right side lower) by 5:15.
Quick, easy and relatively painless.

So my wisdom is down by 25%, but I am much more comfortable tonight.

I'm in a bit of pain at the "wound" site, but THIS pain will go away soon.


You've done amazingly well to get this far with your wisdom teeth.
Mine were extracted a while ago because they were "impacted"
(growing in sideways because of no place to grow properly).
You are an old fart to have a wisdom tooth.....
You shouldent put it off to have it removed though as you would be deemed unwise to do so....
Spoken form one who has had several wisdom tooths removed now is a ridge runner by defalt..*ducks*
I'm sorry to hear this happen but glad it is over and successfully. I cringe a bit whenever I hear of someone having a tooth problem like this, especially one that is put off for a time. Not because I have a problem with dentists or dental work but because I lost a friend some years back to a neglected tooth that became infected and went systematic before he had anything done. I can understand why you waited but I'm still more relieved that you're ok. I do expect to hear from you if you need help with the bill.
omg same here im going next week for an appointment my self for mine my upper right wisdom tooth is worn down to the pulp roots i cracked at a bad time when i was in a finical crisis and got worse my mate however discovered reasonable dental insurance through Delta Dental for 30$ a month