Smrgol (smrgol_t_kirin) wrote,

No cable, lights or internet, not a single luxury

I'm typin' on my Netbook - as primitive as can be.

I'm currently sitting outside the local Starbucks as they are the only ones to currently have internet and it's too crowded inside. We have no power at home - lost it 8PM Monday, cable went at 4PM. The Hobby Shop will be open tomorrow for the first time this week. Hopefully Neil (my brother) will stay on with Mom so that I can go in.

We got off VERY easy! Yesterday we went out to do errands and there are areas with LOTS of huge trees down, some roads are still blocked.

The gas stove burners raise the temperature in the house to about 70, but Mom's still cold.
We have hot water, so we can get a good hot shower when wanted.

The big concerns right now are 1) Mom's chairlift batteries needing a recharge, 2) The refrigerator, 3) The freezer.

We've had an offer from Kamau for the use of a generator, but he's three hours north and it can't help with heat.

We keep hoping that power will return. It's getting cold enough to store refrigerated stuff outside, which may solve one problem.

That's it for now, gotta conserve batteries.

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