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RR Kirin

Mystery Cars Finished!

The "Mystery Cars" are finished and tested.
It looks like they will work well.

They are "iCar 4" models from Minuteman Scale Models.

More pictures and the first test movie files are here:




I love this!
Looks good Smrgol. I'd be interested in seeing how it works in person some time down the road. My wonderfully slow connection hasn't let me see the video yet but I'll keep trying.
I was going to make a guess and boy, would it have been wrong.
I always thought these cars were painted grey, from old black and white photographs I saw of them.
Just kidding.
Love it!!! =D
Outstanding! The car works nicely, and the layout looks great from inside! The lower level is particularly exciting. The way you painted it, the iCar looks like a Jordan Spreader, and is probably right at home on the front of a train. I can't wait to see a cab ride of the big layout downstairs.
wow THAT is so cool ^^
*needs a droid version*

i love that idea :)

*also, happy birthday, we haven't forgotten you, us younger folks.... well I didn't*