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PC Woes

My PC isn't working right. It'll boot and run OK for 5-10 min and then the screen will go "snowy" for a half second and the machine will then shut down. Once, I caught a glimpse of an error message within my Google browser saying it had a problem just before the screen went black.

The power supply and graphics board have both been replaced within the last three years.
Everything is clean inside, no visible problems.

On booting it'll usually not find the C drive, but it is a choice from the F10 menu and it'll boot OK once it's told. The battery on the board was replaced recently.
Occasionally the C drive does not show on the F10 menu, but will if I cycle the power.

I'm very tempted to take it over to MicroCenter and just say "Fix it"

For now I'm working on the laptop.


My first guess from the symptoms would be a bad motherboard. :(

Yeah, sounds like a motherboard needs replacing, they do wear out such as the power compacitors and all around the CPU socket, do they look bulged at all or signs or them starting to leak?

Graphics card. Heard latest Nvidia drivers were killing graphic cards at the moment. Something to do with wrong setting on the fan.

I would look for a new motherboard and replace that first.
I wish there were something I could do but it sounds like this one is outside my expertise.