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Kirin 01 - portrait

Never hit a fur when he's down ...

Kick him, it's easier. *Weak Grin*

They want us to contribute to our health insurance costs at work because things are tight.
So that's about $170 per month off my before tax salary. Gas is up to $2.1399/gal, my rent went up $30/month, tolls went up $1.00 per day a while back ... $500 for the hit and run to the fender ...

Oh yeah, all salary reviews are on hold. Haven't had an increase in three years now.

*SIGH* I'm frustrated. Yet I know I shouldn't really gripe because I still do moderately well, even with all my debts. I just feel I could have done better.


Sorry to hear about all of the increases, dear kirin!

Will keep my paws crossed for that next salary review!

That feeling goes around a lot. I still got one major debt yet to pay off. It's been around for a loooong while now. The black cloud still hangs over this pups head, alas. -Frisk
It's not just you. It appears to be the entire Architecture field.

They've given me a review each year I've been here, but aside from an additional $1,000 bucks raise to 39K in 2001, they froze salaries in 2002 and 2003 and this year offered me a third week's vacation in lieu of monetary compensation. That equates to about $750, but my salary hasn't moved.

40K has become a speed bump on my salary progress. What's worse, it's not like it get's made up. I'm effectively 3 years behind the cost of living arc unless I change jobs.

Didn't we do this in the 70's when salaries were being held back while product costs were allowed to rise?


Hang in there Smrgol!

Swift Fox
>... and this year offered me a third week's vacation in lieu of monetary compensation.

I actually negotiated that a few of years back.
(Got a little bit of money too) I wanted the time off rather than the money back then. It's not a bad deal actually. It gives you more leasure time and they don't have to keep you "busy".

Since I've completed five years at the job, I get their 3rd week starting this year, plus the "extra" week.

Architecture is a weird field. I weathered the slump in the early 80's but got hit hard by the one in the early 90's. Now it's the early '00's and the market is down again. A ten year cycle?
I'd like to think I could retire by the next one, but I doubt THAT will happen!
I find myself doubting that it's even just architecture. There are a lot of good, talented furs in the local community -- I mean wicked talented; Tet, for one -- who are struggling financially because of general economic conditions. It's not you, I think. It's the situation across the country.