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Suzuki Service: 37,918 miles

The second service for the SX4

Oil and Filter change $42.95 (should have been done at 37,500)
6 Year battery & installation: $169.95
(4) Goodyear Eagle LS Tires - P205/60R16: $489.00 (includes balancing etc)
Alignment: $99.95
Washer Fluid (1 gallon): $3.00

Parts total: $657.70 Labor Total: $147.95 Sales tax: $69.49 = Grand Total $885.14

I knew this was coming so I had the money reserved.

The tires and battery should be good for at least 5 years, probably longer.

Service etc at Port Tire & Auto Service Port Washington, NY


Sounds like you're having good luck with this, would you recommend one of these? Have you ever shared a pic, i'm wondering ifn you have the hatch or the sedan? Come August we're looking to replace Blueboy, our 08 Cobalt with something a bit more practical, a small hatch or wagon, and while Suzuki is gone, i've heard good things about the SX4 along with owning both a Samurai and a Sidekick in the past.
I have the hatchback.

So far I really do like the car.
The fuel mileage isn't quite what I had hoped (low 20's around town) but it's a fun car to drive.
If you can get one, I recommend it.

A picture ...

SX4 Front

Maybe this spring I'll clean it up and take a good set of pictures. (It's kind of like having multiple kids, lots of pictures of the first, very few of the last)

This was taken at the dealer's when I picked up the car. The VW Passat wagon in the background was my old car.

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