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NCC 1701/8 The Shuttlecraft Rapido

There are 40 of these.  They were auctioned off.

I got one!


Good Morning and Congratulations: You are a successful bidder for one of
Rapido Trains nc. LRC Shuttlecraft in support of the Lung Association. Our
silent auction successfully raised over
$ 20,000.00 in memory of the late Leonard Nimoy. On behalf of Jason Shron,
President of Rapido Trains Inc., our team and the Lung Association thank
you for your generous bid.

Your LRC Shuttlecraft will come numbered (out of 40) and with a
certificate of authenticity. Only 40 numbered LRC shuttlecraft were made,
plus several production samples held at Rapido so you have a very rare and
hopefully special locomotive. ...

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