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Kirin 01 - portrait

Friends - ya gotta love 'em, I guess ...

One gets tired and over reacts, sometimes burning bridges.

One is stressed and maybe over reacted to this ...

A couple are sick right now,

Others down on luck.

I'll be here if needed, you all know that.

Just don't break things because I'm gonna stuck in the middle if you do. OK?

Y'all know who you are, you don't have to comment.


ERF? Hope I am not contributing to your stress..?? You know that worries me, hence last night's post.

You? Never! *HUGS*

They know who they are.


Not tired, not over-reacting, no burning bridges, not sick, having good luck and have sent a message to someone who's over reacted.

*sniffs his armpits*

And I even smell good, too!

*BIG OTTER HUGS with patented WrapRound Tail action!*