Smrgol (smrgol_t_kirin) wrote,

Well. one down, one to go ...

The check for the transmisson incident came. Nice, quick, relitively painless (and deposited).

I have the check for the "Birthday present" in hand, now I just have to find time to schedule the work.
This one's a little more complex. The check is made out to both me and the bank that holds my car loan.
I have to bring a copy of the estimate from the body shop to show the bank before they will sign the check - and then they sign it to the shop, not to me. So I have to commit to a specific shop before I have the money in hand. I also have to come up with the deductable which unfortunately for me is $500. (I missed changing it back to $250 when I got this car and now it's come back to bite)

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