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Kirin 01 - portrait

Posting Pictures

OK, I have the URL for the roof picture


but I cannot get it to link to here

If I use img src="http:// ... " it shows up as an ftp address in the properties and a broken link.


(By the way, that thing that looks like the top of a swimming pool ladder is the top of the 2x4 ladder from the lower roof. That curved roof parapet is about 4ft 6in tall)


Check your email. It have something in there. It has been virus checked and everything. Use that. I sent you Semaj to you. Better client overall.
I can see the picture just fine with the <IMG> tag, maybe you should try purging your cache or refresh your page.
It is possible that AOL is blocking remote loading of images when the referer indicates the request is coming from a LiveJournal page (see this user discussion and this LJ FAQ (#130)).

If I open a new web browser, then copy the link into that browser, the picture appears fine.
Yet I can not view the picture if I click on the link while inside your LiveJournal entry page.

It appears to be a deliberate attempt by AOL to drive users to their version of journals. *sigh*

Welcome to LJ, incidentally :)

I can see the picture

Both on the LJ site and in the e-mail replies.

But I don't know if anyone else does.