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*GRIN* Ya think this wiuld work?

It has been calculated that if everyone in the United States did not purchase a drop of gasoline for one day and all at the same time, the oil companies would choke on their stockpiles. At the same time it would hit the entire industry with a net loss of over 4.6 billion dollars which affects the bottom lines of the oil companies.

Therefore May 19th has been formally declared "stick it up their behind " day and the people of this nation should not buy a single drop of gasoline that day.

The only way this can be done is if you forward this e-mail to as many people as you can and as quickly as you can to get the word out. Waiting on this administration to step in and control the prices is not going to happen. What happened to the reduction and control in prices that the Arab nations promised two weeks ago?

Remember one thing, not only is the price of gasoline going up but at the same time airlines are forced to raise their prices, trucking companies are forced to raise their prices which effects prices on everything that is shipped. Things like food, clothing, building materials, medical supplies etc. who pays in the end? We do!

We can make a difference. If they don't get the message after one day, we will do it again and again.
So do your part and spread the word. Forward this email to everyone you know. Mark your calendars and make May 19th a day that the citizens of the United States say "enough is enough"


Oh, the gas out

I remember this happening in 1999 at a 76 station I worked at at that time. The effect it had was interesting - we didn't choke on the stockpile, but we had a MAJOR problem with the bum's rush the day before the gasout - and between the day before and the day after, our gas sales were actually a bit higher than normal.

The fact is, if people really want to stick it to the petroleum companies, they'll find other means of getting around. Ironically, the bus would be such a way. I would bicycle, if my tires weren't flat - that's, what, $80 per month I'm not giving the gas companies.
Yeah but will you actually do it? :)

I know we have over here. We're stubborn gits when it comes to this. I think we had the gas companies on the run last time around we went to war with them. They were so losing profits. Couldn't get fuel out to airlines either.

Hey never know. Could disrupt things during this summer if they do :D