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Kirin 01 - portrait

Desparately seeking furin

or more specifically edo-furin.

These are the glass bell shaped Japanese wind chimes that show up quite a bit in animae.

A good friend of mine turns 50 in mid July and he would very much like some of these. Unfortunately, they seem to be hard to get. I've tried a couple of on-line places with no luck yet.

Does anyone know a source for these?


There is a place a short walk from here that might carry those. I will wander over there during my lunch break and have a look for you.
I'd suggest going to a Japanese District near you. Little Tokyo in LA came to mind, but you'd have to fly out from $where-you-are. Not that this would be a bad thing. =^^=

My wife also notes that there is a kiosk over at The Block that might carry them. We'll check into that.
Alas, I'm on the other coast. NY City has a large Chinatown, but I haven't found a Japanese section yet.
I stopped in the store at the mall and asked about them. They don't sell them. I noticed that they had one hanging over the counter, so I asked about it. They don't sell them. Okay, I got the part where you don't sell them, but where did you buy that one?

"That? We don't sell them."

Argh. There was more to the conversation than that, but I was ultimately stymied by the language barrier.

There are a couple of other local places that carry a fair bit of Japanese kitsch that might carry them.
I've run into that type of language barrier too. Thanks for trying though!

Seeing as I'm in Hawaii...

...I'll keep an eye out for them. I know I've seen them around here before, so I should probably be able to find them, especially if I check out Shirokiya.

Re: Seeing as I'm in Hawaii...

I appreciate that!

If you find them, e-mail me some details or give me a phone call. I'll probably want more than one depending on prices.
I'd suggest


They have their page in English, and they seem eager to sell to Americans, with handy dollar/yen converters and the like. The 'Komuro Neko' model is especially cute :)

There's also


but that's all Japanese, and there's no guarantee that they'd want to sell overseas.

The first site is one that I have e-mailed twice over the last month without a response.

The second is new to me, and I have just sent an e-mail to find out if they ship overseas.
Wow, those *are* really pretty! I've never seen those before...ok, not helpful, I know, but what can I say! lol!