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Kirin 01 - portrait

Desparately seeking furin

or more specifically edo-furin.

These are the glass bell shaped Japanese wind chimes that show up quite a bit in animae.

A good friend of mine turns 50 in mid July and he would very much like some of these. Unfortunately, they seem to be hard to get. I've tried a couple of on-line places with no luck yet.

Does anyone know a source for these?


I stopped in the store at the mall and asked about them. They don't sell them. I noticed that they had one hanging over the counter, so I asked about it. They don't sell them. Okay, I got the part where you don't sell them, but where did you buy that one?

"That? We don't sell them."

Argh. There was more to the conversation than that, but I was ultimately stymied by the language barrier.

There are a couple of other local places that carry a fair bit of Japanese kitsch that might carry them.
I've run into that type of language barrier too. Thanks for trying though!