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Kirin 01 - portrait


Every now and then, things work out OK.

A couple of weeks back I bought a Replay TV unit from their web site.
It was a referbished 4504 (40 hr) unit. I delayed getting it on sale as $$$ was tight, so I missed the $80 price.
When I bought it it was back up to $125. Four days later it was $99. By the time it arrived, there was another online coupon bringing it back down to $80. So I wrote them an e-mail and found out just now that they will credit the difference to me. Neat! The unit requires activation - $13 per month or $300 for life. OK, I knew that going in, but I posponed doing it until I heard back about the $45.

On Sunday the unit broke down. Nothing but "Please Wait" on the screen and no way it would re-boot.
Tonight I called tech-support. Got a very nice Indian woman who went through all the steps and determined that the unit was NG. She checked stock - no more 4504 units, so she upped me to a higher level to see what they could substitute. (40 min on the phone at this point - not toll free, but I was using my cell). I talk to the gentleman in the new department, and yes, there are no more 4504 units. OK, how about a 4508? (80 hr) nope. 5504?(next generation 40 hr) nope. He puts me on hold for about 10 min and comes back saying he can send me a 4040. OK, I say, what's that one? He says "It's pretty much the same as you have, but (my caps) THERE'S NO ACTIVATION FEE" Which means no $300 (or $13/mo)!! Just plug it in and go!

So I've gotten the best of the best - the unit that has the features I want, for the lowest price offered, and no additional costs!

Sometimes it does work out!


Woohoo! -Frisk
Exactly what is this Replay TV thing? Bit like TiVo?

Yep, Replay is a competitor of TiVo, but works a bit better in my opinion.
Ah right. Don't know these new fangle things that are available over there. We haven't even got HDTV yet but have seen a few here and there. I doubt we even get up and running yet as in broadcasts.

Mind you, I am not forking out £2,500-4,000 on a HDTV anyways. :p

I class that as a complete waste of money :D
We only need HDTV because our NTSC is so much poorer quality than PAL

So true... :)
There you go again. Using the Kirin luck of yours.

Glad it worked out.