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Kirin 01 - portrait


Every now and then, things work out OK.

A couple of weeks back I bought a Replay TV unit from their web site.
It was a referbished 4504 (40 hr) unit. I delayed getting it on sale as $$$ was tight, so I missed the $80 price.
When I bought it it was back up to $125. Four days later it was $99. By the time it arrived, there was another online coupon bringing it back down to $80. So I wrote them an e-mail and found out just now that they will credit the difference to me. Neat! The unit requires activation - $13 per month or $300 for life. OK, I knew that going in, but I posponed doing it until I heard back about the $45.

On Sunday the unit broke down. Nothing but "Please Wait" on the screen and no way it would re-boot.
Tonight I called tech-support. Got a very nice Indian woman who went through all the steps and determined that the unit was NG. She checked stock - no more 4504 units, so she upped me to a higher level to see what they could substitute. (40 min on the phone at this point - not toll free, but I was using my cell). I talk to the gentleman in the new department, and yes, there are no more 4504 units. OK, how about a 4508? (80 hr) nope. 5504?(next generation 40 hr) nope. He puts me on hold for about 10 min and comes back saying he can send me a 4040. OK, I say, what's that one? He says "It's pretty much the same as you have, but (my caps) THERE'S NO ACTIVATION FEE" Which means no $300 (or $13/mo)!! Just plug it in and go!

So I've gotten the best of the best - the unit that has the features I want, for the lowest price offered, and no additional costs!

Sometimes it does work out!


Ah right. Don't know these new fangle things that are available over there. We haven't even got HDTV yet but have seen a few here and there. I doubt we even get up and running yet as in broadcasts.

Mind you, I am not forking out £2,500-4,000 on a HDTV anyways. :p

I class that as a complete waste of money :D
We only need HDTV because our NTSC is so much poorer quality than PAL

So true... :)