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I saw Harry Potter yesterday.

I went with JBadger and some friends of his to see the latest Harry Potter movie yesterday.

I was not impressed.

For those in the group who had read the book, the movie left a LOT out. Some of it was fairly prominent stuff too. For those who had not read the book, the movie seemed choppy, disjointed and inconsistent.

As usual, the effects and technical stuff was outstanding! Buckbeak was magnificent. Sirius Black and Lupin came out well in their alternate forms too.

The choppy abridgement kinda ruined it for me though.

These books are getting long and complex enough to warrant two movies each. One to take you to mid-term and the second to finish the year. The second "half" could be filmed at the same time as the first, and released a month or two later. I think the fans would appreciate this more than the condensed version of the abridged abridgement that was done in this film. I know I would. If they continue in the way this one was done, they will start losing fans. I won't go to see it again in the theatre, but I'll get the DVD.

Shrek 2 I would go back and see again in a heartbeat.

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