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Tread Marks

I've been having fun with a budget level program ($9.99) which I found at CompUSA and have also seen at Electronics Boutique. It's called Tread Marks and it's a tank combat game. [ ]. There's a downloadable demo game there. It can be networked too. You can go in with individual or team battles on various landscapes. All explosion craters and tank tracks remain on the field of play after they are made. If you dig a deep enough hole, you hit the water table. There are various weapons ranging from the standard 120mm cannon to a nuke. Weirder weapons include a gun that shoots pure evil incarnate and a "Flower Power" Nuke that generates matter, creating a new hill if you fire it. Tanks can be either steel treaded or "liquid" hovercraft. There are quite a few models, but I see no performance differences in the various types. From reading the web site, it looks like you may be able to create your own terrain and banners.

Not a bad little program for ten bucks.

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