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Kirin 01 - portrait


I have a simple graphic project to do and I can't do it!
A black & white picture with several lines of text on it.
It's an ad for the Mephit ConBook for the Furry Forever embeoidered stuff.

I can do it in Word, but can't save it as a graphic. I can do it in Paint, but I can't curve the first line of text over the paw as I want to. I can do it in Photoshop 6 - I think - but I don't know the program.

My deadline is Wednesday evening.

I may have an older copy of "Print Shop" or something like it, but I doubt they will still work.

Why does something so simple end up so difficult?


If you're okay with the resolution being a bit low, you can open the one you did in Word, Ctrl + PrintScreen for a screenshot, and paste it into Paint.
On LK's suggestion, I've downloaded the trial Version of Paint Shop Pro.

It has done the job well.

I had thought of the screen capture, but there was more that I had wanted to do to the image.
That would have been my fallback though.