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Kirin 01 - portrait

Another coaster.

I'm frustrated. VERY frustrated!

I burned a DVD using Pinnacle Studio 8 after loading the latest updates.

It plays OK in my portable player,
It's really beginning to bug me. The program is great when it comes to setting up the DVD and the Menu editor is fantastic, but it is worthless when it burns coasters instead of usable discs.

Any suggestions?


Erf... just one idea.
When I was working on audio CD recorders, I learned that you have to
"finalize" the disk after its been recorded. This isn't done untill
all recording is done because once its done, the disk cannot be recorded
on anymore. This was required to allow most CD players to be able to read
them. I think this also applies to multisession CD-ROM recorders to
put the proper table of contents. Maybe DVDs too?

I'm no expert, so I apologize if I'm saying something that is common
Thanks, but that's not the case with DVDs.

The thing actually will play on one of my machines, but not on any others.
It was a long shot...

Hope you find a solution.
Yes. Check your players.

You need to have a dvd player that shows the following standards either on the front or in the manual.

This dvd player can play disc's carrying the following symbols.

DVD-Audio - For audio dvd's
DVD-Vidio - For video dvd's (Usually have for regional 1 only)

Also the disc has to be made in VR mode to play on a dvd player, that and you may have to practise on some blank media to find one make that will work on all players.

But if your player doesn't say it will work with DVD+/-R/W's then forget it, it won't work.
Should've contacted me, I had been writing a DVD FAQ now since 1998 :) Ah well. I still stand by what I state though. I know players, even cheap ones these days can do that but older players couldn't. I have one that flatly refuses to play any burned disc material whatsoever.

The only other thing I could suggest is see if there is any firmware upgrades for your players. If so, ask the company for a upgrade disc. But those that could read burned disc's usually have a ISO on their website to download and burn, then upgrade the firmware that way to accept more media, etc.

I know the LiteON dvd recorder does that.
I would think that a major company like Pinnacle would set the disks to do VR mode.

I'll have to hunt down the specs on the players online.
The info is not in the instruction manuals

Audiovox D1210
Toshiba SD-3109
Apex AD1201

It would be a real pain in the tail if none of these play the discs, as these are what I have to use.
I check. Hang on.
What the heck are you doing up at 4AM??!!

See my latest LJ entry. Got problems and not going to bed.
And it's 5am now.
Yes, it does. Thanks!

It looks like my players don't share a common format.

Oh well!

I bookmarked that site too.
Find a burner that will support that book it uses. I think Nero 6 does. Should be okay then. YOu can still make the DVD's with your program, save in the ISO and then see if it can be burnt in Nero. Not sure really but Nero has a good DVD authoring program now anyways in it.