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On DVDs, coasters and Players

Well, it turns out that I can burn good discs after all, but the players I have, excluding the Panasonioc portable, cannot play DVD -R discs.

Today I went to Best Buy to look over what was on the market that would play the various formats.

The space I have is limited, as is my budget, so I ended up replacing my little used VCR with a combo unit from Samsung - the DVD-V4600. It'll handle all the formats I use or intend to use. (Surprisingly, not MP3 though) They had an open box unit for just over $100. If I want to, I can now also pack away my CD changer and the Toshiba DVD player too. It's not region free though, so I can't watch JBadger's Japanese discs. ...

Another DVD only unit that caught my eye was a small unit, a CyberHome Model CH-DVD300S.
It's another that will handle all formats and it's in a compact 9" square 2 1/2" deep sturdy metal case.
It's also $35 after a rebate. Thirty Five Dollars! I find it amazing that the units have dropped to almost give away price.

Here's a review:

Hmm, according to the review, you can also switch the region with a few button pushes. I may look into this one anyway ... see for info.

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