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Kirin 01 - portrait



I've been up since 4AM, it's now 4PM.

I'm at work with NOTHING to do. I'm not the only one.
The SysOp took the CAD Server off line at Noon and he cannot get it back online.

I feel sorry for the folks with upcoming deadlines.

Meanwhile ZZZZzzz...


Heheh. Two words: Online games. ;x)
I wish I could - but that's a little too obvious for the office.
(I do have my Clié though *grin*)
Get a Gameboy SP or a DS when it comes out. :)

Problem solved for these little emmergencies :)

Only kidding, I wouldn't really get on for that though. Expensive as it is really.
I have got all the GameBoy styles.
I was hooked on the GameBoy from Day one and Tetris.

It's a little too obvious for the office. The PDA is not.