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Kirin 01 - portrait


I have an older camera, a Canon AE-1 35mm to be exact.
I got the Canon f1.4 50mm lens (instead of the 1.8) when I bought the camera so that I could stop it down for model work.
I got a Canon 35mm-105mm f3.5 telephoto/macro lens after that and a Type B Canon 2x Extender.
I also have a Canon A2 power winder. There's also an Asahi Pentax prismatic viewfinder extender and some macro extender lenses for the 50mm lens.

I don't use it though. I haven't shot a roll of film for several years.

I have also got a Minolta DiMAGE S304 3.3 megapixel digital which I do use.

Unfortunately I had a chance to use the new Canon Rebel Digital SLR, a beautiful 6.6 megapixel camera.

I'm wondering if I would take enough pictures to justify selling off what I have and getting the Rebel.
If I do sell off the 35mm SLR, should I break up the components or sell it as a set? Trade it in or go e-bay (the prices there are all over the map on this stuff, but the 2x extender and the 35-105 lens seem to be hot items).

Based on e-bay prices, I'd get about $250 for the S304, $70 for the AE1 body, $40 for the f1.4, $200 for the 35-105, $90 for the extender and $50 for the power winder. Total for the 35mm stuff about
$450 if I'm lucky.

*sigh* I dunno.


After using the Digital REbel for about a month, let me just say the following...

CANON, I LOVE YOU... okie, not as much as mooivos, but then, she's got better accessories.

Digital Rebel

Camstone, it was your camera that got me thinking about all this.

I ain't touching that part of the comment with a 20 mile barge pole...

I meant her accessories. ;)

Hey, stop looking at me all funny like.. Erm, I think I go now. There's a special on fish fingers. Eat 1 million, get £1 million pounds or something ;)
I had fish tonight. Just 999,999 to go.