February 17th, 2004

Kirin 01 - portrait

The shirts are being shipped tomorrow.

Well, five more folks will have "Furry Forever" shirts by the end of the week.
The mercidized denim is a little softer than the last batch of regular denim, it's nice though.

I've done a dozen caps "on spec" kahki with a navy blue bill and a blue logo. $14 each shpped.

That's about it on this.
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Kirin 01 - portrait

Formatting Outlook

This is getting annoying.

I've put Windows XP and MS Office XP on my folk's Dell PC.

I can't get outlook to default to the "Normal" style when composing e-mail. It keeps going to "Paragraph".
There's also some kind of setting that removes extra linefeeds automatically. I want to turn that off as it is screwing up the formatting on a couple of Mum's newsletters.

The help file is no help.
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