August 29th, 2004


Saturday fun.

I had a really great day Saturday.

Two friends, Toolfox and Pixie Vixie, invited me to join them at the Tuxedo NY Rennisance Faire. We had a fun day . We each had puppets, Toolfox had Haggis the Sea Serpent, Pixie Vixie had a fox, and I had my raccoon and white mouse. All were very well recieved by both kids and adults.

Unfortunately, the booth with the shoulder puppets was open and as usual there was one that called out to me. It was a "One of Five" special edition, and each of the five was done in a different color.

Meet "Nightmare"

Nightmare also has wings, kind of Ostrich like with black feathers. Anyway, I liked the slightly evil look in that face.

We also had fun with Sphereplay, [ ] otherwise known as "contact juggling". It looks easy, but I didn't get the hang of it with the one lession I got even though the teacher was quite good. I guess it will just take practice and then more practice.

Today I've been relaxing. I watched the second DVD in the Wolf's Rain series. It looks like it is going to get interesting ...

Next weekend is the Mephit Furmeet. I may not bring the fursuit (Pony-San) but I will bring puppets! (Which reminds me, I need to get some MP3 files done.) The hotel has Wi-Fi so I can get out to the net and e-mail with the laptop.

The car goes in for repairs on Tuesday. It'll go on the credit card and I'll find a way to pay it off eventually. The work has to be done though, sooner rather than later.
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