July 2nd, 2005


Things to do before I go back to work on July 12th ...

Not necessarily in this order...
Figure out how to set the default Semagic typeface to STAY Comic Sans in Teal and not default to Times Roman in black!!! (Damn it!)

See the movie Madigascar.

See the movie War of the Worlds,

Get a haircut.

Catch up on unwatched DVDs

Rest, sleep.

Maybe visit the Air-Space Museum (the one here on Long Island, not DC)

Pack for AC

Go to AC

Clean up my stuff?
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Is there a market for "Furry Forever" Stuff?

So far I've made polo shirts, Tee-Shirts, Denim Shirts and Caps.  All have been embroidered.

They go over "OK" but there's been no real demand or interest.
However when I put a cap in a Charity Auction, it goes for about $35 on average.

Should I try printed T-Shirts?

More caps?

Should I do some pins?

Should I just give up on it?
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