October 23rd, 2005


Bye Bye EQ II, Maybe WoW also? Oops! I slipped up in Second Life!

Although EverQuest II has wonderful graphics and good looking feline characters, I've quit the game.

I had two characters that were about level 9 or so and needed to do SOMETHING to advance.
What that SOMETHING was, remains a mystery.  I could not figure it out, and wandering around broke didn't help.

One of my characters was a good metal worker, and a good cook.  However there was no place to do metal work or cooking, and you couldn't find the tinder needed to light the stove anyway.

I also never seemed to have time to play ...

I still have a subscription to Worlds of Warcraft, but that too is losing it's appeal.  Is anyone on the Silvermine server?

Meanwhile I made a blunder in Second Life today.  I was in a mall and thought I was getting information on an item and ended up buying it by mistake.
There was no way to cancel or back out of the sale.  It cost me my whole L300.  At least it's a utility tool that I may be able to use.  I gotta be way more careful.
I may throw $5.70 into the game which will give me an account of L1360 - enough to get a furry avatar with some to spare.  I'm thinking of starting with a deer and modifying it to a Kirin.

By the way, my name in Second Life is Smrgol Minogue - I wish I could have used my own second name rather than one off a list.
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