October 7th, 2007

Kirin 01 - portrait

Well, THAT went VERY well!!!

Back in Late June of '06 I replaced my TV with a high def Samsung 26" LCD set.
I got a 26" set because it was physically the best size for the space I have for the set.  I also sprang for the extended warranty.

A couple of months back it developed a flaw in the picture, a thin vertical gray line down the right side when I was playing anything in 16:9 mode.
The line was probably there in 4:3 mode too, but fell just outside the screen area.

Last week I took it in for service and today (Saturday) found out that it would be replaced rather than repaired.

Now, Sets have come a long way since June '06.  The equivalent 26" set is almost $400 cheaper, and the next size up, a 32" was $150 less than my old set.

The replacement was for the VALUE of the old set, not a swap for an equivalent set.  So I ended up with a brand new 32" set (better than what I had), the four year extended warranty on the set, and a $16 store credit to make up the difference.  Wow!

It's a bit big for the space I have though, but it'll work ...

Movies I missed this summer

There were several movies I had wanted to see this summer in the theatre.  I missed them all.

Harry Potter, The Borne Ultimatum, Stardust, Spidey 3, Fantastic 4 - Silver Surfer (out on DVD already!) to name a few ...

The one I didn't miss was Transformers.